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December 2014 “Nostalgic Emergency Vehicles” Winner

He’s back! Danno Baker slipped back into the Winner’s Circle by extinguishing a lot of hot competition (yeah, right) in this group of pre-1970 police, fire, and ambulance emergency vehicles. His 1969 American LaFrance Century-Series open cab pumper was a modified AMT kit with scratchbuilt tools, accessories, and features. It replicated the first fire engine he served on as a firefighter.

Congratulations, Danno!

October 2014 “Dragsters” Winner

Once again smoking past the huddled competitors to cop another Winners’ Circle appearance, Lanny Haas showed up and laid down a terrific old school rail dragster, complete with a trailer ride and period tow-vehicle.  Outstanding, clean workmanship as always carried the day for this gem.

Oct 2014 - Lanny Haas Dragster 2

Welcome back [to the Winners’ Circle], Kotter!

August 2014 “Cadillacs” Winner

Yes, Virginia, Cadillac did make race cars.  And, Cadillac did race them at LeMans.  When the club’s ‘Cadillacs’ theme came along, no one expected to see a Caddy racer on the table.  Enter Bernie Kankiewicz with just such an off-the-beaten-path entry as an excellently executed circle-burner!

Aug 2014 Bernie Kankiewicz Caddy LeMans

Smooth move, Bernie!


June 2014 “Replicas” Winner


Not to be left out, Bernie Kankiewicz roared into the Winners’ Circle with a gorgeous little Midget racer to ‘sack’ everyone else.  And, yes, it is . . . pink!  Painstakingly constructed from the tiny parts of the recent Revell kit, it looked every bit the part . . . if your eyes were good enough to something that small!   Yep, this roundy-rounder is 1/25th scale.  It’s small because . . . well, they were midgets.

Jun 2014 Bernie Kankiewicz Sacks Midget Racer

Great job, Bernie!


May 2014 “Customs” Winner

Whoa!  It’s been a long time since we’ve seen this guy in the Winners’ Circle!   Dan Baker’s odd little “PT Ute” took the honors with its flamed Brick Pearl finish, real wood pick up bed, and “camino” styling.  Try to resist the urge to call it a cute ute.

May 2014 DannoBaker Customs PT Ute

Congrats, Danno!