September 2013 “9/11 Tribute to Police and Fire” Winner

The Winner’s Pose Photo is missing, as was our “official photographer” . . .

But, Lanny Haas continued his impressive string of wins by taking top honors in the “9/11 Tribute to Police and Fire” theme competition at the September 11 meeting with his 1959 Chevrolet Military Police model.  

[And, Lanny continued his total dominance in the ‘Home Field Advantage’ department by again winning when the meeting place is at his place.  He must be putting something in the tacos  . . . ] 

While we’re on the subject,


2012 – 2013 Overall Champion – Tommy Neu

Something old, something Neu.  A beautiful replica of Hayden Proffitt’s famous Corvair funny car was selected as the current Overall Champion.  Built by Tommy Neu . . . awhile back . . . the meticulous Corvair featured a flawless and stunningly beautiful multi-color pearl finish. 

How far back?  Well, let’s just say there may be some club members younger than this masterpiece!  

[Best picture available at this time.]

2011 – 2012 Overall Champion – Danno Baker

A dragster reigned again as the 2011-2012 Overall Champion when Danno Baker’s unusual Studebaker Super Starliner streamline top fuel creation took top honors.  Built on a Revell chassis, the Jimmy Flintstone resin body incorporates the legendary lines of the bullet-nose 49-51 Studebaker into a stretched quarter-miler.  Fully plumbed, wired, and super detailed, it wears a paint scheme inspired by the Arizona state flag with custom decals (including the Torco sponsor markings).

[Best picture available at this time.]


2006 – 2007 Overall Champion – Danno Baker

For the first time, a dragster wasn’t selected as the year’s Overall Champion. 

Danno Baker’s 1956 Chevrolet van, inspired by the 1950’s television series, “Rescue 8,” won the honors.  The build was based on a Shawn Carpenter Resin body.  Engine, chassis, and interior were wired, plumbed, and detailed, then equipment racks and rescue equipment and components were scratch-built for the cargo compartment.